What is Xidus Music?

Xidus Music is an independent record label in Yorkshire, created by singer/songwriter, Rupert Stroud as a vehicle for the release of his music, both online downloads, physical CDs and merchandise. 

Future plans for the label include publishing, brand development, gig promotion and event hosting, supporting new talent and charity fund raising events.

To date Rupert has released 2 albums under the Xidus Music brand. The latest release being "Chasing The Night".

(Official music video) 

Both albums were produced by eminent British producer Will Jackson (a member of 80's band Magna Carta and producer of The Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace, The Cribs, The Pigeon Detectives, The Music... to name a few)
Latest Release

Stroud's accomplished followup to his debut album is an exciting mix of Alternative/Indie/rock/acoustic sounds. Chasing The Night showcases Strouds versatility as a writer and performer and highlights his growing maturity and an artist. Stroud has established his sound on this album, produced by Will Jackson, with a record which offers impressive beat driven arrangements that are dynamic and inventive and at times intimate. His vocals and lyrics are emotive and thought provoking, never more so than on "Tears For Now" in which Stroud collaborates with vocalist Haydn Corrodus from rising London Hip-Hop/indie/soul band The Stow.

On "Chasing The Night" the title track's haunting melody and air of menace create an expectancy and a knowing sadness, through the use of atmospheric synths, haunting organ and delayed drum beats and Stroud's captivating compelling and dextrous vocals.The amosphere of impending doom arrives with the "silent movie"ghostly, haunting, descending synth motif, villain of the piece in the middle 8. Human emotion is truly on show throughout this semi-autobiographical album.

The knowing sadness of "No Love Lost" speaks of the inevitability of heartbreak when two people realise they want different things and ambition is placed above personal relationships. "Heard It All Before" is a tale of a friend's battle with their demons and weaknesses and the inevitability of their fall into self destruction and the effect of the fall out on family and friends. The song builds to a powerful anthemic middle 8 with the descending chords of the hook performed simultaneously with Stroud on acoustic and producer Will Jackson on electric guitar.